In need of a table and chairs. So we can eat as a family at a table instead of the floor. There is 7 of us. Not picky doesn't have to match just something big enough for all of us to eat at. Thank you in advance.
My friend is pregnant with her 2nd child & has been having complications with her pregnancy unfortunately. To help her out I'm looking for humidifiers (for when baby comes home), extra diapers/wipes/etc, bassinet, carpet pieces (ac has been leaking in her basement & needs carpet pieces for her bfs kids, stoarge totes...whatever you can spare!! Thank you!!
Would love to practice pool everyday and have room for a table. Can pick up if need to. G
I am in desperate need of plywood and other things to repair a mobile home. I am also in need roofing material. I need someone that will bring it to me. I am disabled and cannot come to get it.
I know the chances for this are slim-to-none but . . . If anyone has a working Cricut machine gathering dust, I would love to pick it up and try my hand at a new hobby. Thank you for any help!
Looking for old clean towels to use in my small dog's kennel's, in case they have accident. Ty in advance
Looking for free mens clothes. Shirts 3x. Shorts 3x. Staying in a shelter so money is short Thank you
I'm looking for men's size 36/32 jeans and shorts, men's XL shirts, men's size 10.5 shoes and women's size 14/15 jeans, women's size XL shirts and women's size 36B bras
We just got a new apartment and need a couch, coffee table And a microwave
Looking for a medium or large dog crate ro house a sick chicken Thank you